NEWS 2021

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RONA glassworks is introducing range of NOVELTIES for 2021, expanding the already existing wide machine made, hand made and decoration´s portfolio.  Summary of the main new products introduction is set below.


The main novelty is the BALLET machine made wine series produced by the pulled stem technology. The goblet Ballet becomes as the “main character” of new RONA video “IRRESISTIBLY RESISTANT”, where it comes to life in the art of a ballet soloist, who with her elegance, flexibility, strength and technical precision is the personification of RONA products. The series BALLET also comes with another novelty, namely innovative e-commerce packaging, which eliminates the risk of product damage in transit and storage. RONA e-commerce packaging will allow faster orders, optimise logistics and helping you ship in the most earth friendly, cost effective way, therefore, it is the best choice for online business.


The HANDY series of tumblers made by the machine has clean, simple lines and its ergonomics are destined to succeed.





A “retro” novelty that is sure to appeal to lovers of mixed drinks are the cocktail glasses HURRICANE and NICK & NORA, which became famous in the 1930s and 1940s. These classic shapes have stood the test of time and once again shine in every bar, where they highlight the properties of drinks.




To enrich the home bar, RONA have included a new beer glass on a stem in the shape of a tulip CRAFT BEER, designed to enhance the enjoyment of craft beers.




The portfolio of pitchers will be enriched by 2 new shapes CORDOBA and PALOMA with an ideal volume of 1.5 and 1.6 liters.





Serving the wine will be really stylish with the new ALCHEMY and PLAIN decanters. Alchemy decanters with a volume of 1280 ml are multifunctional, have a perfect vintage look with clean lines. This collection is made on a machine with the latest pulled stem technology at a very affordable price. There are three options on offer with a variation in the design of the mouth edge.



The last machine novelty for the year 2021 are OPTICAL VASES with a charming modern look. The “folded” pattern has become very popular, giving the glass an optical dimension and a luxurious crystal look but is made with affordable high-quality glass.



RONA will please as well these customers,  who love and admire fine handmade glass accessories. In this segment, RONA brings a carafe, jug and vase and a candlestick in one.


Decoration innovations demonstrate an almost unlimited variety of decorating techniques such as pantograph etching, engraving, machine and hand cutting, hand painting, spraying of organic colors, screen printing, and applying decals.

The complete range of products was included in the new RONA HOUSEHOLD product catalog for 2021, which underwent a redesign not only in terms of graphics, but also in terms of content. The catalog includes the long-term successful concepts RONA Select, Heritage, Cut Glass, Decoration, as well as the innovations for 2021 (link to download:

RONA will also present the news step by step on social networks.

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