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Whiskey_set 65130_380
Whiskey set
 380 ml
Whiskey_set 65130_850
Whiskey set
 850 ml

RONA whiskey set in elegant cutglass design will make every whiskey lover happy. This high-quality, stylish and timeless range adds a touch of luxury and sparkle to your home bar or table-setting and will never get old. Whiskey set with the elegant cut pattern is an all-time classic and is always a good choice for gentlemen who like to express themselves. A great gift idea for a new home owner, birthday celebration or dedicated whiskey enthusiast.

Products in collection .

Whiskey set
380 mlSize
85 x 92 mmDimensions
Whiskey set
850 mlSize
214 x 132 mmDimensions


See RONA´s decorated glassware portfolio made for all occasions and be inspired by decorative glassware collections.

Design and sound

RONA glass is fragile, with unambiguous sound, as brilliant as a diamond.

Enviromental friendly

The special glass composition known as crystalline does not contain lead or any other pollutants or toxins.

Improved resistance

The products are specially strenghtend in places where they are particularly vulnerable. 

Dishwasher safe

The special and unique glass composition ensures 1000 cycles in the dishwashers.