Danube Wine Weekend 2020

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On the first weekend of February 2020, the Danube Wine Weekend took place at viniculture Château Rúbaň. The event was the part of the project Danube Wine Challenge to introduce local wine producers and partners with the focus to promote moderate and cultivated wine drinking and to spread wine culture and education.

The guests’ experience was enhanced not only by wine tasting, their pairing with food, but also by a practical demonstration of wine perception in different types of chalices of the same volume, led by PhDr. Juraj Vaďura from our company RONA and oenologist Edita Ďurčová. By comparing the overall perception of white, rose and red wine tasting – sensory, aesthetic, practical and cost-effective, the RONA Orbital 480 ml wineglass from a new line of ultra-thin hand-made-by-machine was the winner.

Read more: https://www.kamzavinom.sk/p/danube-wine-weekend-potesil-priaznivcov.html?fbclid=IwAR1WguvS298i1BkPvU45g1E-qpVxR8–yGDSD6WAtSIEL1RXR5PjDebM1eE

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