We offer you the possibility of excursions in our factory, museum and gallery in Lednické Rovne. Below you can find the conditions for the excursions, as well as the content of the excursion.

Group size: 5 – 12 participants per one group
Excursion duration: 90 minutes

Tour of the Museum and Gallery

The museum offers a permanent exhibition that depicts the history of the production of the glass factory in Lednické Rovne from its foundation in 1892 to the present day. You will also find works by domestic and foreign artists, which were realized at international glass symposiums organized by factory. The museum also includes a gallery where you can see the current exhibition.

hand glass blowing rona glass

Excursion in the production

Commented tour, which will present the current functioning and demonstrate the modern production method. You will have the opportunity to see: an automatic line with an original production process, a section of manual production where you can watch our glass masters directly at work, and a section of refining glass using a unique etching method using pantographic machines

Visiting the company store

The representative showroom offers you the opportunity to view the most current editions of our assortment, including the handmade products of our glass masters. The offer of blown drinking glass is complemented by seasonal products of a decorative nature. All excursion participants have a 10% discount on purchases.

Price list

  • Adult
    10 €
  • Children from 12 to 18
    3 €
  • Retiree
    3 €

Contact person

Peter Greguška, +421 901 906 512, greguska@rona.sk